001: Happy Birthday

001: Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to me!

31 today!


365: Another year passed

My final shot for this Project 365. This is me. Plain and simple.

Day 364: Black cat

364: Black cat

Smokey actually sat still long enough for a clear shot!

Day 363: Guitar strings

363: Guitar strings

Guitar in the studio just seemed a good photo op.

Day 362: Out riding

362: Out riding

My husband borrowed a bike from a friend today. I’d ridden on the back of a bike once, and for maybe 10 minutes. So today, I was terrified at the start, but eventually settled in and enjoyed myself!

Day 361: Tip Right

361: Tip Right

Sticker on one of the tip “jars” at work.

Day 360: Tortilla chips

360: Tortilla chips

Snack time!